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Review: Eric Clapton – Old Sock

Old Sock approved art


It’s probably no secret that I am a huge EC fan. I mean, my daughter’s name is Layla. I play a sunburst Strat. I’ve purchased at least three copies of From the Cradle.

You can read my official review of Old Sock over on the PG website, here.

I have to say even though this album as a whole isn’t one of his shining moments, I think the original tracks contain some of the best writing and playing since Pilgrim. Yes, I liked that album. If “She’s Gone” doesn’t rock your face, just leave now.

Hopefully, like I mentioned in the review, I hope Clapton will once again give us a solid all-blues album (and tour? He just said he was only touring until 70) before riding off into the sunset of one-offs and guest appearances.

And please. PLEASE. Can someone tell EC not to use vacation selfies from his iPhone for his album art?

Summer Update

As you can tell, things have been slow around here. That is mostly because writing for Guitar Edge and Premier Guitar has taken up a lot of my time. A few weeks ago I went to the Crossroads Festival in Chicago and recorded a few videos. The first one below is with one of my all-time guitar heroes, Jimmie Vaughan.

I met with Jimmie before his CD Release Party at Buddy Guy’s new club. Not only was Buddy there, but Jeff Beck also showed up to celebrate his birthday. The next night I met up with Pete Huttlinger to record to lesson videos:

The rest of the summer I will spending getting settled into my new house in addition to cranking out lessons for GE and PG. I will also begin teaching at the Marion Music Academy this fall, so if you are interested in lessons, send me an email and I can get you the info.