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Review: Eric Clapton – Old Sock

Old Sock approved art


It’s probably no secret that I am a huge EC fan. I mean, my daughter’s name is Layla. I play a sunburst Strat. I’ve purchased at least three copies of From the Cradle.

You can read my official review of Old Sock over on the PG website, here.

I have to say even though this album as a whole isn’t one of his shining moments, I think the original tracks contain some of the best writing and playing since Pilgrim. Yes, I liked that album. If “She’s Gone” doesn’t rock your face, just leave now.

Hopefully, like I mentioned in the review, I hope Clapton will once again give us a solid all-blues album (and tour? He just said he was only touring until 70) before riding off into the sunset of one-offs and guest appearances.

And please. PLEASE. Can someone tell EC not to use vacation selfies from his iPhone for his album art?

So, what do you think ?