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Interview: Dave Kilminster

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Dave about his latest album, Scarlet: The Director’s Cut, and what he has on tap for this year. Most notably (yet) another leg of The Wall with Roger Waters, another solo album, and hopefully something with Guthrie Govan.

There was one quote that I thought was rather interesting:

That desire for more dynamics led Kilminster to shun many effects—especially for his dirtier sounds. “I’m not a big fan of effects on overdriven sounds. When I do the ‘Comfortably Numb’ solo with Roger, I put on this chorus to try and make it sound a bit more like the record and I always hate adding it.”

Is adding chorus to an overdriven sound something that was Gilmour-ish or have I been totally missing the boat on this?

Also, don’t sleep on Dave’s new tuning: C–G–D–G–A–D. Interesting variation on DADGAD.

Anyways, check out the piece here.