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“You still have a website?”

My wife asked me that the other night. It made me think. I’d been reading a lot of Ethan Iverson’s DO THE M@TH lately. He’s an extremely talented writer, not to mention one third of a great trio. Iverson’s approach and simplicity is just doing the work is inspiring. Plus, it reminded me that I’m a writer, too.

It’s time that I exercised that muscle more. Put the work in. I’ve started over here. I didn’t concern myself with fancy layouts, useful sidebars, or SEO. I’m not concerned about traffic. I’ll write about things that interest me. Some of it will overlap with my duties for PG — obviously. Hopefully, people will check it out and chime in, but the benefit will be mostly for me.

I need to write more.

p.s. My next feature will be on the Jon Stickley Trio. More on that later, but here’s a taste.


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