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Top Rig Rundowns of 2011

One of the most popular segments we do over at PG are the Rig Rundowns. It’s nice when the actual guitarist (or even a well-informed tech) can give you insight into why they use what they use. In no particular order, I have listed some of my favorite RRs from this past year. We still have a few on our to-do list (Hear me, Trey?), but I think we do a good job covering a bunch of different bases.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Chicago HOB

This was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t realize not only does the band play ultra-cool gear but they are into it. Benny and Scott are card-carrying Gearheads and Grace was as cool as can be.

Rush – United Center, Chicago

Definitely a bucket list day here. We arrived early enough to see the band soundcheck through a few tunes to about 20 people. The big surprise was that he still brings out the white Gibson.

Joe Bonamassa – Adler Theater, Davenport

This one deserves a place for the sheer fact that Joe let me check out his ’59 Burst.

Eric Johnson – Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

We meet up with EJ in Milwaukee and from the moment he said hi, he couldn’t of been nicer. Even after a trying soundcheck he took the time to walk us through every part of his mostly simple–but specific–rig. It sounded just as good as you would imagine.

Walter Becker and Jon Herington – Riverside Theater, Milwaukee

Another surprise. Who knew that Becker took that much gear out on the road? The techs were amazing and about a week after this shoot they emailed me and said everything in this video had been replaced with different gear. Good to know that Mr. Becker purchases everything and supports small builders and companies.


Honorable Mentions: Robert Randolph, Billy Gibbons, Umphrey’s McGee, Keith Urban, Mr. Big (Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert), Yngwie Malmsteen 




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    Thanks for sharing Jason. I’ve seen some of these but not all. I always learn something.

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