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Quick Links for 9/2

Here are some links and articles that I have found interesting recently.

Zack at GuitarVibe.com reviews the Gary Moore Lick Library DVD

I have seen a lot of these “Lick Library” DVDs around lately.  Zack gives it a pretty good review, but it seems like the series is aimed at beginner to early intermediate players.  Maybe if this is on Netflix, I might check it out.

Ethan Iverson Celebrates Lester Young

Ethan recently honored Lester Young’s 100th birthday with an exhaustive 10 part blog post

about his life and music.  He speaks of him and Miles and even interviews Lee Konitz about Lester.  One of the most well done music posts I have read in a long time.  Although not guitar related, it really is a must read. Also, if you haven’t been reading The Bad Plus’ blog Do The Math, start now.

Must Have Downloads for the New School Year

Dr. Joseph Pisano (@pisanojm) is a respected music educator who does a great job of integrating technology into the classroom.  This list is a great reference for both students and teachers.

Idea: Musician’s own website as definitive source of all info

Derek Sivers (@sivers) is a modern day genius.  Much like his hero Seth Godin, Derek runs a blog that offers practical real world advice.  This post seems like common sense to me, but looking at other band websites, I can see how they can get distracted and become spread too thin on the internet.

In contrast to the Col. Bruce Hampton video, here is another interesting instructional video for all you college guys going back to school:

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Col. Bruce Hampton’s Outstructional Video

October 2004: Courtesy of Vincent Tseng
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When I first heard of Col. Bruce and the Aquarium Rescue Unit I was taking guitar lessons at a local store and my teacher played me the “Mirrors of Embarrassment” album.  Everything about that album was totally cool from Jimmy’s blazing solos to the interplay with drummer Jeff Sipe and  bassist Oteil Burbridge.

I have recently got to know Oteil and Jimmy a little bit and it occured to me how important those ARU albums were to me and I never really spent time talking to them about it.  However, they did have a TON of great Col. Bruce stories.  From meeting Ralph Towner in DC on night to discussing the possiblities of any blood relation between Col. Bruce and John Abercrombie (they look like they could easily be brothers) it was one story right after another.  After a few of these you get the feeling that their former bandleader is a bit eccentric.

I came across these videos on YouTube and they perfectly describe the Colonel’s famous sense of humor.

Here is Part One:

Here is Part Two:

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks

Imagine you play in three highly successful bands, tour the world non stop and are considered one of the greatest guitarists in your generation. Well, then you would be traveling in the same circles as Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks. Both of them come from the south which obviously comes out in their music but each took a completely different way to get there.

Warren came up playing with artists such as David Allen Coe and Dickey Betts before joining the Allman Brothers in 1989. In my opinion the Allmans wouldn’t be anywhere near where they are today without Warren’s presence. Derek came from more of a jazz and fusion background. Even though his uncle Butch is the drummer in the Allman Brothers, his solo band rarely covers similar territory.

Below is two masters doing what they do best, sitting around with a few acoustic guitars and playing some blues.

This comes as a bonus feature in their DVD The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Beacon Theatre

Pete Huttlinger Plays Stevie Wonder

I am a huge fan of Pete’s work.  Some of the things he is able to do on guitar are pretty incredible. His latest album is a collection of tunes by Stevie Wonder arranged for solo acoustic guitar.  Below is a great video from Guitar Player of him playing his arrangement of “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The arrangement shows a complete mastery of the guitar, but I am more impressed with Pete’s arranging skills.  A few months ago I had the chance to see Pete live and he opened with this tune.  Even being an educated guitar player, I was still wondering how he is able to make several parts sound like one.

Enjoy this video and make sure to pick up his CD Fingerpicking Wonder: The Music of Stevie Wonder

Phish in Hartford 8/14/09

The art of improvisation is one skill that is criminally under appreciated with today’s music.  Many times a band will create a setlist for a tour and stick to it every night.

Not Phish.  Every night Phish changes their setlist, and not just the order of the songs, but everything about them.  From night to night you never know what to expect from then.  Which is a huge reason why they have such a big following.Trey

If you are unfamiliar with their music, then go here and download this show from LivePhish.

I will wait.

This was one of the better Phish shows in recent memory.  Last time I saw them was September 22nd, 2000 in Chicago.  Yes, Phish fans remember exact dates of shows.  It was a great show, but our seats were literally behind the stage.  Since then I have kept up with them through bootlegs and DVD’s, but never have had the chance to see them live.

I entered the ticket lottery several months ago not expecting to get anything as I had heard from many people of getting shut out completely. When I received the email with my seat location I thought I would be somewhere near the back of the pavilion.

My seats were in the 10th row.

It was easily the best concert I had seen in a while and from talking to the people around me after the show, it was the best Phish show in a long time.

Sitting next to me was Kevin Shapiro, who is Phish’s official archivist.  I introduced myself and immediately he mentioned Trey’s appearance with us in ’93.  I figured that it was his job to know things like that.  We talked for a bit about how the tour was going and he thought that the first set was especially strong.

On the other side of me was a very familiar looking guy.  Turns out it was Scott Murawski from Max Creek and Mike’s solo band.  He was obviously enjoying the show.  I thought he might sit in, but turns out he didn’t.

Here is the setlist for the show:

Set I: Punch You in the Eye, AC/DC Bag, NICU, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, Birds Of A Feather, Lawn Boy, Stash, I Didn’t Know, Middle Of The Road, Character Zero 
Set II: Down With Disease > Wilson > Slave To The Traffic Light, Piper > Water In The Sky, Ghost > Psycho Killer > Catapult > Icculus > You Enjoy Myself
E: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

On paper, the show already looks ike a highlight of the tour.  During the first set they came out hard with PYITE and from then on the energy just exploded.  During the opening chords of Colonel Forbin’s is when most of the people around me knew this was going to be a special night.  Pretty much every tune in the first set was a highlight.  For me it was great to see Page do his thing on Lawn Boy and Fish do a great vac solo on I Didn’t Know.

PhishThe tension was pretty high when the lights went out for the second set.  I don’t think anyone was expecting a “Down With Disease” opener.  Everyone there pretty much lost it.  The standout part of this set was easily the DWD>Wilson>Slave>Piper.

Only one thing could of taken this set to the next level.  Talking Heads and Gamehendge.

When Trey started the lyrics to “Psycho Killer” the place went through the roof.  This one one of the tunes played over the PA before the show started and there was a massive sing along during the chorus.

Once Trey began his discourse leading into “Icculus”, then it was offical that this was a legendary show.  Here is the video of the intro:

They ended with a strong version of You Enjoy Myself and encored with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.  Amazing show from start to finish.

If you are thinking you might be into Phish, then this should be a show to check out.

Practicing Blues/Jody Fisher

Lately I have been practicing different ways to play over a jazz blues.  One of my favorite ways lately I got from Matt Warnock via Fred Hersch.  Check out Matt’s web for more info.

What are your favorite ways to practice playing over a blues?

Here is a video of one of our National Guitar Workshop teachers, Jody Fisher.

Check out Jody at www.jodyfisher.com