New Album Feels

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My band (The Bamboozlers) just finished our first album of original material.

It’s quite a feeling to see something that you had a hand in creating — from the earliest stages — come over the finish line. I’ve been playing with group for close to eight years now and some of the songs on this album have been hanging round for a good four or five. One of the questions I almost always ask artists that I write about is the feeling when something that you’ve lived with for so long is finally out into the world. Interestingly enough, every answer is slightly different, but the intent and perspective is the same.

I get it now.

It’s one thing to toil away and chip away at ideas, lyrics, or riffs. It’s entirely different when you take your hands off and send it out into the world. And that’s exciting.

I’ll share more details and info on the album after we formally announce all the details, but until then make a point to finish something and send it on its way.

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